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Promotions (catalogue)

Please take a look at our Promotions catalogue. This catalogue collects our favorable promotions with lowest possible prices in one place!

Browse through our catalogue, see our offers and order directly from the catalogue!

You can also browse our current publication online by clicking on the "View in browser" button. Or you can download it in pdf format, clicking here. Our catalogue also available in printed / paper-form publication for free. Please click on the "Subscribe for printed catalogue" button, enter your contact details and we will send a copy of it to your address.

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Product catalogue

Our new product catalogue is valid for one year from the date of publication (until the fall of 2022). It contains more than 8,500 products, divided into 11 main chapters, on 548 pages. The catalogue is updated every year. Our most important principle building this catalogue is always to meet your price and quality expectations.

Our goal is for you to get everything from one place.This is what the current BEST OF 2021-2022 CATALOG offers. You can browse it online by clicking on the "View in Browser" button.

You can also request a printed version of the cataloue by clicking the "Subscribe for printed catalogue" button. Specify contact details / shipping address, and we'll ship the catalogue to your address every year (for free).

Note: in the catalogue prices are net unit prices, e.g. exclusive of VAT (27%).

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Promotional and gift catalog

We've put together an online browsable/downloadable catalogue of our promotional and gift products. The catalogue also available in printed version.

Click "View in Browser" to brows the catalogue, see available products with descriptions, prices and stock levels.

You can also request the printed version by clicking the "Subscribe for printed catalogue" button and providing us your contact data. We'll ship the catalogue to your address.

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Raktári és logisztikai megoldások katalógus

Kérjük, tekintse meg ÚJ, tematikus Raktári és logisztikai megoldások című kiadványunkat!
A termékekkel kapcsolatos bővebb információkért, megrendeléseivel keresse Kirendeltségeinket, Kollégáinkat!

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