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PBS Hungária Kft is the Hungarian subsidiary of PBS Holding AG, Hungary's market-leading trading and service company for paper, stationery and computer equipment.

The objective of PBS Hungária is to be able to continuously serve it's customers with a high level of reliability and quality in accordance with the current expectations, thus ensuring the good market position of the company.

The focus of PBS Hungária is to strive for customer satisfaction. We want to achieve our goals with professionally trained employees, well-organized work, a stable technical background and a conscious approach to the quality management system.

Always closest to you!
From our nine warehouses in Hungary, we always serve you from the nearest!
You order, we assemble and deliver! It is that simple!
12,000 m2 of warehouse space — 50,000 items — an average of 7,000 items ordered per day
One-on-one contact, 29-person dealer network
16,000 shipping addresses — 38 trucks

PBS Holding AG is a leading distributor of paper, office and stationery in Central Europe. Despite increasing international competition, its member companies are among the first in Europe. This outstanding performance has been achieved, among other things, through the continuous development of "quality and efficiency" to meet the growing needs of our customers.

A cégcsoport 8 országban van jelen, melyek: Ausztria, Németország, Csehország, Lengyelország, Szlovákia, Szlovénia, Olaszország, Magyarország és több helyen piacvezető státuszt foglal el, mint Magyarországon is. A PBS Holding AG árbevétele éves szinten meghaladja a 325 millió Eurót.

The group is present in eight countries: Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy and Hungary. It is a market leader in several countries. One of them is Hungary. PBS Holding AG has annual sales of more than €325 million.

We area a Partner of PBS Global Solutions
A member of PBS Holding Group

PBS Holding Group is the leading distributor of paper, office and stationery supplies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our Partner, PBS Global Solutions offers a single point of contact to prepare, implement and review a bespoke solution for your global and local needs. PBS targets local market leaders across an extensive partner alliance to deliver operational excellence while coordinating and managing your strategic contract needs.

  Dedicated Account Manager will work closely with your procurement group from the beginning of the RFP through the whole contract lifecycle to understand your global business needs and to help you achieve your procurement goals and objectives, along with contract compliance, and optimize process costs to ensure the best logistical solutions.   We will focus on providing detailed procurement data at both global and local level. Reports will be delivered on timely basis depending upon your business needs covering various KPIs. It will also help you deliver upon non-core activities such as calculate your environmental footprint, work to reduce backdoor traffic or ordering frequency.   Your Global Strategic Account Leader will serve as single point of contact and your trusted advisor and by working together with Local Account Managers and local Customer Service Teams will be responsible for servicing all aspects of your program at both international and local level.  
Global Partner Alliance
Tailored solutions in all your locations.


PBS Hungária introduced and applied its quality management and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 and MSZ EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards for the wholesale area of paper, stationery, office supplies, computer supplies and cleaning products.


PBS Hungária is the lone Hungarian member of the European Procurement Association, the exclusive distributor of Q-CONNECT brand products. Use of the brand name is restricted to INTERACTION members only.
INTERACTION has developed a wide range of own branded products called Q-CONNECT®. The Q-CONNECT® brand can only be used for quality products that are among the best in its actual product range, currently includes more than 70 product groups and offers extremely competitive prices.

WWW.PBS.HU - Web store for office supplies for companies!

Our company's online store ( was launched in 2000, based on the basic idea of "how to take the burden of procurement off the shoulders of our customers". With the help of our online store, our customers can place their orders much faster, more conveniently, around the clock. It's easy to use and quick to learn. Starting from 2021, our online store awaits its customers with a renewed, even more transparent and easy to use form.

Environmental Protection

Choose our environmental-friendly products! Let's protect our environment together!

In 2012, our company introduced the ISO 14001: 2005 Environmental Management System with the aim of protecting the environment, rational use of resources and technology. This can have a positive impact on the future and quality of life of future generations.

The introduction and operation of an environmental management system promotes the conservation of natural resources, sustainable development and the reduction of pollution and risks in order to preserve human health.

PBS Hungária places great emphasis on environmental protection, including the distribution of products made from environmentally friendly, recycled raw materials. The range of these products is constantly expanding year by year. Currently more than 5% of our catalog range is eco-friendly. These products are listed in our web store with a green icon and the "eco-friendly" product label.

Our full range of “green products” is available at the link below:

Deposit scheme from 01 July 2024

To achieve the virtuous circle, bottle recycling is key, as we can only recycle as much as we put back into production. Under the deposit scheme, PET bottles - like returnable bottles - are not thrown away but taken to collection points in shops. In a deposit return scheme (also known as DRS ), when a consumer buys a product, he or she pays not only the price of the product, but also a fixed deposit fee which is returned when the packaging is returned.

The return scheme applies to all drinks in disposable packaging. For example 0.1 to 3 litre PET bottles, aluminium cans, bottles. (PET bottles containing dairy products are excluded, as their recycling requires different technology.)

Bottles can be returned in vending machines in shops larger than 400 m2.
The deposit fee will be the same: 50 Ft/piece of glass bottle, plastic bottle or can.

Packaging with the symbol of the redemption system (50 Ft recycling arrows), with the words "Take back" and a special barcode.

The product must always be returned with the label intact, not compressed!


The returnable deposit fee will be charged on a separate line for each beverage specified in the order from 01 July 2024.

Due to the new DRS system, many beverage products distributed by PBS-HUNGÁRIA Ltd. will have new article numbers. During the complete changeover, which will take several months, the product will be sold under two different article numbers: the original article number will be used for the products without deposit charge still in stock, and the new article numbers will be used for the "DRS" drinks with deposit charge.

PBS HUNGARIA Ltd. will not collect empty bottles and cans, will not return them to its partners and will not be able to refund the deposit fee. Our company does not have a sales area of at least 400 m2 and therefore does not have automatic collection equipment, the Government Decree only included shops with a sales area of over 400 m2 in the mandatory deposit return system.